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DropFunnels Checkout Form Module

The checkout form allows you to sell a product or service to your customers.

This module is required in integrating merchant accounts or payment processing accounts to collect payment from your customers. A Payment Gateway of your choice has to be integrated for this module to be used.

Payment Gateways that can be integrated with DropFunnels are as follows:

Aside from Payment Gateway, an Autoresponder can be integrated with this module. Autoresponders mailing / marketing services that allow you to build subscribes within different lists and allow you to automate your email marketing. 

To view the full list of autoresponder that integrates with DropFunnels, follow the link below:

Important Reminder in using this module: 

  • A product is needed for this module to work.
  • When using Paypal for the checkout, all required information or fields should be set to “Show” (like the phone number and billing address field). If you do not need that information, it is best to not include it by simply deleting the said unnecessary fields.

If your checkout form is not working, please check this troubleshooting article:

Helpful articles:

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