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How To Integrate DropFunnels With NMI Payment Gateway

How To Integrate DropFunnels With NMI Payment Gateway

NMI or also known as Network Merchants is one of the most widely used payment gateways that you can use for your business to collect payments online, especially if your business is considered "high risk". Then NMI is a great payment gateway alternative.

DropFunnels now integrates with NMI to provide convenience for businesses whom has been rejected by Stripe or even being shut down by PayPal because what you sell is against their terms of service.

If you already have an NMI Merchant account, follow the steps below to integrate it with your DropFunnels account.

Let's go through what you need to retrieve from your NMI account. You essentially need just 2 security keys to connect to your DropFunnels account.

Step 1: From within your NMI Account, click Options on the left menu bar and select Settings.

Step 2: On this page, go to Security Options and click Security Keys.


Step 3: There are 2 security keys here: Private and Public Security Keys. We need both keys to paste into your DropFunnels account.

Private Security Keys:

If you have an existing Private API Key, you will need copy that.

NOTE: Make sure that the Source or Key Permission is "API".

If you don't already have an existing Private key, you will need to create a New Private Key.

Click Add A New Private Key > give your key a name > make sure you select API as the key permission > assign it to a user on your NMI account > click Create Key and a new Private key will be generated. Copy the key.


Public Security Keys:

Now for the Public key, make sure you copy the key with the source or key permission set as "Collect Checkout".

NOTE: Make sure that the Source or Key Permission is "Collect Checkout".

If you don't already have an existing Public key, you will need to create a New Public Key.

Click Add A New Private Key > give your key a name > make sure you select "Collect Checkout" as the key permission > assign it to a user on your NMI account > click Create Key and a new Public key will be generated. Copy the key.


Now that you've copied both the Private Key (API) and the Public Key (Collect Checkout) from NMI, it's time to connect it with your DropFunnels account.

Step 4: On your DropFunnels dashboard left navigation panel, go to Funnel > Payment Gateway > scroll down to NMI Gateway

NOTE: Paste your keys under the LIVE column. This will allow you to collect live payments.

For TEST transactions, click here to go below for instructions to set up.

Public Key: This is where you paste your NMI Public Key (Collect Checkout)

Secret Key: And your Private Key (API) from NMI goes here.

Before you save the integration, click the Test Connection button to see if it's connected successfully. In case it's not, make sure you paste the correct keys in the respective fields without mixing them up.


Use NMI Gateway As Your Funnel Payment Option

Now that you have connected your NMI keys successfully to your DropFunnels account, which means you are ready to use NMI to collect payments from any of your sales funnel!

One of the unique feature on DropFunnels is that you can connect several Payment Gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, NMI, Authorize.net and even CoinPayments.

You can then select which payment option to use in EACH individual funnel! Cool right??!!

IMPORTANT: You must select a payment option for your funnel before your Checkout Form can work to allow your customers to enter their payment information and proceed to checkout.

Also, make sure your sales funnel has been fully set up with Sales Page, Checkout Form page, Upsell/Downsell Pages and finally a Thank You Page with Order Receipt module.

If you haven't built a funnel, watch how the CEO of DropFunnels - Jordo creates a Sales Funnel in just 10 minutes!

Ok so how do we select your funnel payment option?

Step 1: Go to the funnel that you want to start collecting payments.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Payment Integration > Credit/Debit Cards Payment Option > click the dropdown and you should see NMI (and other payment gateways you've connected)

Step 3: Click Update. Now the funnel you've selected is fully connected to your NMI gateway and is ready to collect live payments.

NOTE: For test transactions, please click here for instructions to set up.

select-nmi-funnel-payment-method 2023-06-08 22-27-30

How To Test Transactions With NMI

Always before your funnel go live, you would want to test your entire funnel flow to ensure a smooth checkout process for your customers.

Unlike Stripe payment gateway, NMI has its own limitations when it comes to testing transactions for your funnel.

Limitation 1: There are no Test Keys or Sandbox Keys.

Limitation 2: Recurring Payment Products will not work on TEST mode for NMI gateway.

Detail explaination below and the respective workarounds.

Limitation 1: There are no Test Keys or Sandbox Keys

As there are not test/sandbox keys provided by NMI, there are a few extra steps you need to take before being able to run test transactions on your funnel.

One of which requires you to put your entire NMI account into Test Mode.

This will mean if you have a live funnel collecting live payments, it will be impacted.

If your NMI account is in Test Mode, transactions may appear to be approved but will not be funded. Thus, a serious limitation that is not fun! You will need to run test mode very quickly to avoid losing any sales from live funnels.

But apparently, that's how NMI handle test mode.

WORKAROUND: In case you have a handful of live funnels that has active sales going on and want to avoid losing any sales, you might want to consider just testing your funnel in LIVE mode with a live credit card. After completing the test and your funnel is working perfectly, you can VOID the transactions and refund to your card.

Follow the steps below to run transactions in Test Mode.

Step 1: On your NMI account left menu bar > go to Options > Settings > under Transaction Options > click Test Mode.


Step 2: Click Enable Test Mode. In case your NMI account has recently processed live transactions, a Test Mode Warning message will popup to warn you about the impact. If you want to go ahead, just click the Enable Test Mode and now your entire NMI account will be only in test mode.


Now back to your DropFunnels account.

Step 3: On your dashboard left navigation panel > go to Funnel > Payment Gateway

Step 4: Scroll down to NMI Gateway. Now you need to copy the exact same keys from the LIVE columns over to the TEST columns.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you also delete the keys in the LIVE column as both live and test keys cannot be the same and you won't be able to save the integration.

Test the connection and save the integration.


Step 5: On your DropFunnels funnel, you need to toggle on Test Mode to put your funnel in test mode. Go to the funnel you wish to test > Settings > Payment Integration > Test Mode "On" > Update.

Now you can run test transactions using the credit card details shown on the right.


Turn Back to Live Mode

After you complete all testing and your funnel is ready to go LIVE, make sure you go through all the checks below. Failure to do so will put your funnel as well as your NMI account in Test Mode, thus losing sales!

On your DropFunnels account:

Check 1: Make sure your funnel's Test Mode is toggled OFF.

Check 2: Make sure your Private and Public keys is copied back to the LIVE column. Test the connection and make sure it's successful before saving the integration again.

Check 3: Delete the keys from the TEST column.

On your NMI account:

Check 4: Make sure you Disable Test Mode.

Now everything should resume back to live mode.

Limitation 2: Recurring Payment Products will not work on TEST mode for NMI gateway.

DropFunnels allows you to create a product or service with recurring payments. If you are selling subscription based products or services that bills your customers on a monthly/annually basis, you won't be able to run test mode transactions with NMI gateway.

You will see a warning message on your funnel's Checkout Form like below.

That's just another limitation when using NMI as your payment gateway.

A workaround is to run it in Live mode, and void the sale from your NMI account.

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