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How to Import Clickfunnels Pages Into DropFunnels

Below are the steps to importing your Clickfunnels pages into DropFunnels. Please note that these are single-page imports. If you have multiple pages inside your funnel, each funnel page will have to be done separately.

Importing a Brand New Funnel Page

1) Navigate to the Funnels > Funnels tab inside your DF dashboard

2) Click on the Add Funnel button in the upper right corner

3) Click on the 'Import CF Funnel Page' tab inside the popup window

4) Copy the URL from the Clickfunnels page you want to import into DropFunnels and paste it into the 'Step 1: Import Clickfunnels Page’

IMPORTANT: In order to import the CF page, you must confirm that you 100% own or have permission from the site owner to import and use the content that you are migrating into DropFunnels by simply clicking the confirmation checkbox.

5) Type your Funnel Name. This can be changed later

6) Type in your Funnel Slug (or URL). This is the URL string included after your domain.

Ex: https://youdomain.com/this-is-your-slug

7) Once you have all of the fields completed, click on the Drop It In button and let DropFunnels do the work

NOTE: It typically takes about 60 seconds to import a funnel page, depending on its length and complexity. If it takes more than 60 seconds, refresh the page and check if it is imported.

8) Once the import is complete, your funnel page will be loaded directly into your DropFunnels account.

Adding Additional Funnel Pages

To add additional funnel steps, simply click on the 'Add New Step' inside your current funnel and repeat steps 3-8 above. Keep repeating this until all funnel steps are imported.

A couple of things to note while importing your Clickfunnels pages:

Due to copyright, images are not copied over into the DropFunnels system. All images are linked back to the original source on the Clickfunnels page. Users will need to upload images to host the pictures and increase speed.

Importing pages are done with 95% accuracy. We HIGHLY recommend spending some time mobile optimizing, editing any nuances, and making any necessary changes.

Disclaimer: Clickfunnels is a registered trademark of Edison, LLC. DropFunnels is not affiliated, connected, or partnered with Clickfunnels in any way shape, or form. Users should only use the import tool on original, owned content with permissions to import.

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