Courses Overview

Courses Overview

Courses, formerly called Memberships, has gone through some updates that will greatly benefit you as a DropFunnels customer and also your paying members.

The video below will go over some of the updates, along with some features that will help you understand courses and how it all works.

How to enable / disable course login

One of the most POWERFUL features of DropFunnels is the robust “Courses” area, allowing you to sell digital courses and memberships.

And now - you can provide public, UNGATED courses to the world!

This is perfect for creating training areas, organized content, employee guides or freebie “teaser” content to upsell into your primary courses.

If you take a look at the Settings of your course, you’ll notice a new toggle titled ‘Login Required’.

The default is ‘On’.

course login

However, if you turn that OFF, you’ll now be able to share your modules and lessons publicly WITHOUT the need for members, and yet more login details for students to remember!

course login disabled

If you change your mind, and turn it back on, anyone with the link will need to be a member to access the content (Just like it’s always been).

This gives you full control over the accessibility of your course content.

course login enabled
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