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How to Share Your Funnels / Courses

Any Funnel or Course can be shared by one DropFunnels account to any other.  Here's how:

Sharing Your Funnel/Course

1.)  Find your Funnel/Course

2.)  Click on the Arrow on the bottom right.

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 11.08.36 AM

3.)  Click on Settings.

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 11.25.15 AM

3.)  Share your link via Copy to Clipboard or sending via Email.

Screenshot from 2020-11-11 18-30-13

Importing a Funnel/Membership

1.)  Login to your DropFunnels account.

2.)  Paste the Share URL into the URL bar.

3.)  Confirm the Account information.

4.)  Done

NOTE:  When sharing to an Agency or PRO Account, you can login as the main admin to the master account and select which sub site you would like to import to from the drop down.

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