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Below you will find the video walkthrough and step-by-step instructions for setting up your custom domain with DropFunnels.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these instructions in the exact order listed below in order for your DNS to properly connect to DropFunnels.

Connect Domain with DropFunnels

Step 1: In the back office of DropFunnels, head over to the Marketing > Integrations > Domain page.

Step 2: Copy the IP Address seen below (

Step 3: Head over to your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain). You want to find your DNS settings/manager.

Step 4: Add an A record in your DNS settings by inputting the follow:
Type: A
Name: @
NOTE: Your page may look slightly different than the example below.
Click the Add button.

IMPORTANT! Once you hit the Add button above in your DNS manager, it will typically take 5-10 minutes to propagate, depending on your domain registrar. Some may take longer. You MUST wait until this propagates.

Use this DNS Checker to monitor the progress. Simply input your domain, select A and hit the Search button. Once you start to see the DropFunnels IP address showing up ( in the different locations, you can proceed to the Step 5 below.

Step 5: Back in DropFunnels, on the Marketing > Integrations > Domain page, input your domain (without the www) and hit the Set Custom Domain button.

If you are receiving an error after clicking the Set Custom Domain button, please wait 5-10 minute and try again.

Step 6: When successfully setup, you will be taken to a landing page while your website is completing the setup. This typically takes less than 5 minutes.

Once completed, you will then login to your DropFunnels back office using the following URL: yourdomain.com/login

Setting up Cloudflare

Step 7: Create a free Cloudflare account here (if you have an existing Cloudflare account, move to the next step).

Step 8: On the Home page of Cloudflare, click the Add a Site button.

Step 9: Type in your domain, yourdomain.com (without the www) and hit Add Site.

Step 10: Select the Free plan and click Confirm Plan.

Step 11: Add a CNAME record inside the Cloudflare DNS settings by using the following inputs and hit Add Record.
Name: yourdomain.com
Value: wp1225.host.pressdns.com

Step 12: Add another CNAME record by using the following inputs and hit Add Record.
Name: www
Value: yourdomain.com

NOTE: Delete any A records that you see in your Cloudflare account for your domain.

Step 13: Click Continue

This will take you to the Change your nameservers page. Keep this Cloudflare page open.

Changing Nameservers

The next few steps are going to walk you through updating your DNS nameservers. In this example we are going to be using GoDaddy. This is the same process no matter what registrar, the only difference is the interface and where your DNS Management is located.

Step 14: Change your nameservers by selecting I’ll use my own nameservers.

Step 15: Copy and Paste both Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 from Cloudflare, into your domain registrar (in this case, GoDaddy), then hit Save.

This step can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the registrar. Please be patient and wait a full 24 hours before reaching out to support. In most instances, it will resolve itself.

Step 16: Click on the Page Rules at the top of the Cloudflare dashboard. Proceed to click on the Create Page Rule button.

Step 17: Type/Select the following information (using your own domain).
Then the settings are:
Forwarding URL
301 – Permanent Redirect

Step 18: Click Save and Deploy

IMPORTANT: In order to login to your DropFunnels back office, you will now access it by typing your own domain, like this:
https://yourdomain.com/login NOT https://yoursubdomain.dropfunnels.com

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6 thoughts on “DNS setup for custom domains”

  1. I was hosting my website on Godaddy, but decided to start hosting my site with Dropfunnels. I love the detail inside this article about how to switch your hosting from Godaddy to Dropfunnels using Cloudfare. Everything you need is here.

    Thanks guys, very detailed. And yes, please follow the exact instructions here to get the best results.

  2. So, I completed Step 4 a couple of days ago but I’m still getting cross marks in the DNS checker. How long can it take up to to propagate?

    I’m being patient as it’s a newly purchased domain (with Google Domains) so I understand it can take a bit longer but it’s been 48+ hours now? :/

    1. Matt Steinman

      It shouldn’t take more than 24-48 hours. Are you still not able to access your site? Who is your domain registrar?

  3. I can not login through custom domain it is only showing default site with when I go to bemorefitclub.com vs bemorefitclub.com/login I get error

    1. Matt Steinman

      Hey Charles – Eeeeeek! We don’t like errors! Could you please submit a ticket to support? They will be able to best serve you! – Matt

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