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DNS setup for custom domains

DNS Setup for Custom Domains WARNING!!!  Your previous website will NO LONGER BE ACCESSIBLE on this domain once you run...
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Add / Change Custom Domain

Add / Change Custom Domain If you have previously setup a custom domain and want to switch to a different...
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Adding Sites to Your Account

Adding and Deleting Sites on your Account Your  Account comes with the ability to create multiple DropFunnels sites that can...
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Get CloudFlare API Key

Get CloudFlare API Key 1.) Login to CloudFlare Visit and login to your account. 2.) Click the API Key...
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Register for CloudFlare

Register For CloudFlare DropFunnels uses advanced CloudFlare integrations to ensure your website is always running quickly. Please note if you...
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Add domain into CloudFlare

Add Domain into CloudFlare 1.) Login to CloudFlare Visit and login 2.) Click "Add Site" From your account Dashboard...
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Change your domains nameservers

Change your domains NameServers The following article is to help guide you to make the required changes to your domains...
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Website showing 525 CloudFlare error

Website Showing 525 CloudFlare Error This happens when CloudFlare is set to Always HTTPS and blocks our SSL certificate generator.From...
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