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Troubleshooting Domain DNS and SSL Issues

Checklist for Debugging Custom Domain DNS/SSL Errors

Here's a simple checklist of everything that needs to be in place for DNS/SSL to work correctly.  Please verify everything on the list.  If there's still an issue, please submit a Support Ticket and we'll get back to you asap.

Step 1: Did you set up your domain in CloudFlare?

If the answer is "no", please see the DNS setup instructions here.

Step 2: Are your nameservers pointed at CloudFlare?

You can check if your nameservers are pointed at CloudFlare by either:

  1. Click here and enter your domain in the search box.  Verify the captcha and this should result in seeing a "Domain Information" box with the two nameservers listed.  Be sure they end in NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM
  2. Or, log in to your domain provider and verify the information there.  Each domain registrar is slightly different, so please review their Help documents for more information.

Step 3: Be sure your A record is set correctly.

Click here and enter your domain (no https or www) into the Search Box and click Search.

You should see all the DNS Servers from around the globe return either: (if the A record is set to 'DNS Only') or a combination of and (if the A record is set to 'Proxied')

Step 4: Do you have the two proper DNS records in CloudFlare?

Login to CloudFlare and go to your DNS settings for the domain in question.  Be sure these two records exist:

  1. A | yourdomain.com |
  2. CNAME | www | yourdomain.com

Step 5: Be sure SSL is set up properly.

In the CloudFlare settings for your domain, click on "SSL/TLS".

  1. In the Overview, be sure that the encryption mode is set to 'Full'.
  2. In the Edge Certificates tab, be sure that 'Always use HTTPS' is set to 'OFF'.

Step 6:  Be sure the Page Rule is set up correctly.

In the CloudFlare settings for your domain, click on "Page Rules".  Be sure that your Page Rule is set to:


Is set to 'Forwarding URL' with a 301 redirect to:


NOTE:  These two lines MUST look EXACTLY like they do here, obviously substituting your actual domain for "yourdomain.com"

Step 7: Be sure DropFunnels is pointing to the correct site.

Login to your DropFunnels dashboard (if you can) and go to Marketing -> Integrations -> Domains.

Be sure that the domain is correct and it's ONLY the domain name.

NOTE:  Do not put a 'www' in the field.  Adding 'www' will cause problems and it's completely unnecessary.

If you cannot log in, please continue to Step 8.

Step 8: What if you can't log in to verify this information?

Well, we most likely have a problem, but here's how we can solve it.

  1. Try to log in to your original DropFunnels subdomain.
  2. If you can log in without a problem, go into CloudFlare and be sure that the DNS A record is set to "DNS Only"See Step 4 above.
  3. Once it's propagated as by using the tool in Step 3, you can try to integrate the domain again.
  4. Wait for the email.
  5. Test logging into yourdomain.com/login with your DF username and password.
  6. Once that works, you can set your A record in CloudFlare over to 'Proxied'.

If you cannot log in into the original DropFunnels subdomain, file a ticket using the instructions below.

File a Ticket With Support

In order for us to serve you better and promptly solve your domain issue, it's important that you follow these steps:

  1. From your CloudFlare DNS settings, be sure that the A record for DropFunnels is set to "DNS Only" and showing up as using the DNS checker tool.
  2. Submit a ticket using the widget on the bottom right here on this page.
  3. BE SURE to include the error or errors you're seeing as well as the original DropFunnels subdomain in your message.

That will help us get your Custom Domain connected quickly.

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