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Global Header/Footer Troubleshooting

Global Header/Footer Troubleshooting There are certain limitations on the use of Global Headers and Footers.  These limitations are in effect...
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Troubleshooting Courses/Memberships

Troubleshooting Course Issues Members not receiving login information 1.) Check your Order Confirmation email All sales funnels should have an...
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Sales Funnel Troubleshooting

Sales Funnel Troubleshooting If you are testing your funnel and things aren't working for you, here are the most common...
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Page Not Displaying Correctly

Page Not Displaying Correctly Page Columns showing incorrect width? If your pages are getting displayed like this: You can click...
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Fix Disapproved Google Ads

Fix Disapproved Google Ads If you are running Google or YouTube ads to your DropFunnels site and have had your...
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