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There are certain limitations on the use of Global Headers and Footers.  These limitations are in effect when either saving a Row as a Global Element OR when assigning a Header/Footer within the Appearance -> Global Design section, as that will make the Row act as a Global Element.

These limitations are caused by caching and loading of the dynamic elements.  Therefore it is highly recommended to NOT use ANY dynamic elements (see list below) within your Header and Footer Rows if you plan on using them across the site in a global manner (i.e: Blog Headers/Footers, Funnel Headers/Footers, Course Headers/Footers and the like.)

If you do have a situation where you'd like to place a Menu Module (or some other dynamic element) on a page, simply drop the entire Row directly onto the page.  This will solve any issue created by using Global Rows.

What NOT to use in your Global Headers and Footers:

  • Menu Module
  • Advanced Menu Module
  • Advanced Posts Module

Modules that are Global Friendly:

  • HTML
  • Heading
  • Text editor
  • Separator
  • Photo
  • Space / Gap
  • Button
  • Dual Color Headings
  • Fancy Text
  • Social Buttons
  • Testimonials
  • Business Hours
  • Map
  • Info Box
  • Info Banner
  • Social Share
  • Advanced Separator

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