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How to Setup PayPal

1) Go to Funnels then to Payment Gateways in your Dropfunnels dashboard.

2) In the available options for Payment Gateways, select Paypal.

3) Log in to your Paypal account, then go to https://developer.paypal.com/developer/applications

4) On your Paypal dashboard, go to My Apps and Credentials.

5) Create a Sandbox and Live API for you to use in the integration (Don’t forget to put in an APP name when creating your Paypal API for both Sandbox and Live)

6) Locate the Client ID for both Sandbox and Live API, click on Show Secret Key (copy and save that information on a notepad).

7) Go back to your Dropfunnels Payment Gateways page, locate the Public Key for Paypal and paste the Client ID information on the Public Key field. Do the same for the Secret Key, copy the Secret Key to the Secret Key field.

Make sure that the Client ID and Secret Key for Sandbox API will go to the Sandbox field in your Dropfunnels Paypal Payment Gateway and the Client ID and Secret Key for Live account will go to Live and not to Sandbox.

8) Click on Save Paypal Integration.

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