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How to create Menus

Learn how to create dynamic menus that you can update once and apply to multiple different pages. You'll also learn how to create a scrollable menu without navigating to different pages.

1) Go to Website

Go to the Website tab in your Dropfunnels dashboard.

2) Select Menus

This is where you can construct your own menu structure.  You can display the menu in your header or footer.


Once you click on the Menus sub-tab, a menu creation page will come out that will allow you to

A) select a readily available menu that you can edit or

B) create your own menu.


C) On the left-hand side of the menu creation page, you can select the items that you like to include in your menu. You can select pages, blogs, you can create a custom link to your Facebook account, or to any URL you would want people to be redirected to after clicking on the link. 

Simply click on the expand icon (arrowhead down) on the listed category to add the items you would like to be included in your menu and hit the Add to Menu button located at each category.

D) This is where you can see the items that will be in your menu, you can also expand to add additional items like URLs, add more content on your menu, move the placement of the menu or even delete a selected item on the menu.


You will be able to use your created menu by inserting the Menu module or the Pro Advanced Menu module on either the header or the footer of your funnel or page.


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