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How to Change/Update Your Homepage

The home page is the first thing your visitor will see when they type in your URL unless they are directed to a specific page inside your site.

You have four options for homepage settings:

  1. Your latest blog post
  2. Pages within your site
  3. Funnel pages/steps within your funnels
  4. Specific Posts (typically blog posts)

To change your homepage settings, navigate to Settings > Set Home Page in the left menu bar.

NOTE: You must have at least one Page published in order for the homepage display settings to appear.

Under Your homepage settings, you have two main options, 1) Your latest posts or 2)A static page, with additional dropdowns.

The Homepage dropdown includes all your published pages and funnel pages (yes, you can set your home page to a funnel page)!

If you want to show a specific blog post on the front page, select the post from the Post page dropdown.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save Changes.

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