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How to Setup 404 Redirect

According to Moz.com HTTP status codes are three-digit codes, ranging from 100-500s, and these codes have their own purpose.

What is a 404 Redirect?

The HTTP status code 404 belongs to block 400 which means to show client errors/page is invalid and could not be found. This means HTTP response code 404 shows that the page that a user has requested has not been found its either due to a user error when typing the URL, or the web page they are looking for is not an actual web page.

404 Redirect Setup

Step 1: On your DropFunnels Dashboard > SEO.

Step 2: Go to 404 Settings

Step 3: Turn on 404 monitoring / Redirection

Step 4: Select where you want the user to be redirected

Step 5: Enter the Custom URL

Step 6: Save Changes

404 Redirect

Important Note: 404 URLs are bad for the User experience, Performance, and Crawl budget allocated by Google. All these reasons degrade your SEO AND your conversion. You need to lessen the 404 redirects from normal to low. If you lessen the 404 redirects it will not be negatively scored in Google search results.

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