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Icon Group Module

Icon Group Module inserts a group of icons and uniformly space them. You can add a link to each icon and adjust the spacing between them. Each icon's settings include a Screen reader text field where you can enter text intended to appear in the HTML output only to assist screen readers for accessibility. 

Unlike the Image / Icon module, you can't add text, but you have the same style options for the icons, and you can style them either individually or as a group.

One good use for an icon group would be to display the icons for various credit cards. In this example, all of the icons were styled the same color. Another example is using the Icon group to display social media icons with links.


There isn't another module that's similar to the Icon Group module, but another way to group icons in a layout would be to use several Icon modules in separate columns. Icons in separate columns in most cases will stack differently from an Icon Group, so you could see which method works best for you.

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