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How to create Recurring Products

How to Create Recurring Products

In this guide we will be discussing on how to create recurring Products for your checkout pages. Product is added on a checkout page to charge your members depending on your price configuration.

Step 1: Create a Product

Go to Funnel > Products > Create a new Product

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Step 2: Select "Recurring Payment" under Product Type

When creating the Product please select Recurring Payment. (Note you can also edit the Product if you haven't enable the Recurring payment from the other Products you created)

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Step 3: Configure the Payment recurring details

Billing Cycle: Gives you an option to have the payment plan on Annual, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Daily.

Number of Payments: You can leave this field empty if you wish to have an unlimited billing or set a desired number of payments to stop the billing.

Trial Period: This option enables you to have a trial period before the member is charged for the recurring subscription.

Trial Amount: This enables you to have a Paid trial with the amount you will enter in the field.

Product Description: The description you'll be having there will be shown from the checkout form once the Product is being added.

(Note: Recurring Payment will only work for paid Products or the value of the Product Price is greater than 0)

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Step 4: Make sure to click Update/Save to save the settings applied

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