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Upsell/Downsell Module


The Upsell/Downsell module can be used on any page or post as a way to add a product offer. It does not require a checkout.



Module Settings


General tab - add the product or service you wanted to offer.

  • Product Options - select the product
  • Button Options - put a text and a sub-text on the button, redirect customers after clicking the button, place and position an icon.
  • Decline Offer Option - redirects customers after declining offer.


Style tab - customize the background, the width, alignment, content style and the overall appearance of the button.


Autoresponder tab - send email confirmation to your customers containing the details of the product or service purchased, this can also include the login credentials if what is offered is a course.


Typography tab - area where content can be customized.


Advanced tab - set the margin, padding, visibility, breakpoint, animation, and HTML element.


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