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Adding tracking codes to funnel pages

DropFunnels allows you to add tracking codes to each individual funnel page.

After navigating to the Marketing > Funnels page, click the + sign to access your funnel pages. You should now be on the Funnel Flow tab.

Step 1: Click the Settings link on the funnel flow step you want to add your tracking code to. You can do this for each page inside the funnel if needed.

NOTE: If you want the same tracking code to be applied to all the funnel steps, you can simply add the code to the Tracking Codes tab (to the right of Funnel Flow in the blue row).

Step 2: Click on the Tracking Codes item to bring up the Header, Body, and Footer tracking codes. Add your code.

Step 3: Click Save.

Repeat the above steps to additional funnel pages if additional tracking is needed.

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    1. Hey Jill –

      All your FB pixel stats should be showing in Facebook Business Manager. The stats inside DropFunnels to not pull the direct stats from your pixel conversions/events.

      – Matt

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