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One powerful tool in DropFunnels is the ability to save content, then use that on multiple pages. This is particularly helpful when you want to set up ONE navigation or menu or header/footer, apply to several pages and UPDATE that saved content one time to affect all other pages.

This is done with "Saved Rows" and "Global Rows".


  1. Design a ROW how you'd like it to look
  2. Click on ROW SETTINGS (wrench icon)
  3. Click Save As - then give it a name and set it as a "Global Row"
  4. Go to the SAVED Tab in your editor to see all your saved rows, columns, and modules.
  5. Drag out to any pages you want it to display on.

In the future, you can edit that "Global Row" and it will update all pages it's applied to.


Your funnels and memberships can ALSO have their own global headers or footers that will display across the entire funnel or membership site.

ADVANCED (Please only use this feature if you have a strong purpose):

Go to Appearance > Global Design > Header / Footer to apply a default design to ALL WordPress pages and posts. This will NOT affect your funnels and membership sites.

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