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Saving Rows, Columns, and Elements For Reuse

There will be times you'll want to reuse specific elements of your page.  Maybe you have a Row of Testimonials that you want to place on both your homepage as well as your Sales Funnel?  This is how you can save the elements and prevent yourself from having to rebuild.

What elements can you save?

You can save anything that can be dropped onto a page.

  1.  Rows
  2.  Columns
  3.  Modules

Yes, even individual Modules can be saved.  This allows you to easy create very congruent pages across your Site, Funnels, and even Memberships.

For example:
You can configure a single button with the exact border, background, hover over, and animation you desire and never have to build that button from scratch again.  Build once and drop it anywhere.

So how?

Saving a Row, Column, or Module

1.)  Within the editor, simply select the element that you want to save.  At the bottom of the Tool Menu, you'll see a "Save As..." button as seen here:

Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 9.39.09 AM

2.)  When you click the button, you'll see this:

Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 9.40.39 AM

3.)  Enter the recognizable Name you would want to easily find it later.

Do you want to make this element Global?

Good question.

Making an element Global is only necessary if you plan on having the element in various places on the site and would like to modify element in one specific place, having those changes be visible in multiple places.

For instance, in our previous example of a Saved Button Module, there's a good chance you'll be changing the actual CTA (Call To Action) text within the button on a page by page and even placement basis.  So, in this case, you should NOT make it a Global element.  But...

In the instance of saving the Testimonials Row, you may decide that you'd like to add more and more testimonials to the Row and not have to update each and every page.

NOTE:  DO NOT save global elements within other global elements.  It causes issues within the code.  Keep in mind that Menu Modules are in fact Global by default, so do NOT save them into a Global Row or Column.

Using Your Saved Elements

In order to use your newly Saved Elements across other pages, simple select enter the Saved Element section of the given Menu within the editor as seen below.

NOTE:  Your Saved Rows and Columns will be found in the Rows Menu, while your Saved Modules will be under Modules.  You can also search for ALL your Saved Elements by using the Saved Menu.

Screenshot 2020-11-14 at 7.12.42 AM

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