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Membership Site Overview

DropFunnels Memberships are being built to help you sell and deliver your content SECURELY. Each member will be automatically provided a login to your membership site and can be provided access for PAID or FREE Access.

Keep in mind, we are adding robust features regularly – much more to come!

To build a membership site, you MUST have the following components:

  1. A product (paid or free access)
  2. A funnel with a checkout form step, and an order receipt step (connect your PRODUCT to your FUNNEL)
  3. A membership (select the product/funnel that will give access to that membership)

It’s very simple and incredibly customizable!

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8 thoughts on “Membership Site Overview”

    1. Hey Catherine – all the pages can be mobile optimized and more importantly, completely customizable for your course/membership site.


  1. Great Tutorial. I learned a lot. But on your funnel, if you list something, say $47 and that is linked to a checkout page. What if you want to have an upsell for say$97? Do you have to connect to a different checkout page? And how do you connect the checkout page to the membership site after they pay for it? Also, do you have to do videos for your lessons or can they be written lessons? I don’t want to do videos for my lessons. Sorry for so many questions, lol…I just got this and have loads of questions. Thanks!

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