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How does my SSL certificate get applied?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a security feature included with DropFunnnels that allows information to be sent securely over the internet. Many websites use SSL for secure areas of their sites, such as membership sites and online checkouts.

When you create your website inside DropFunnels, the SSL certificate is applied automatically in the background. No action from the user is required.

Depending on who your domain registrar is, your SSL certificate could take up to 24-hours to be applied and propagate.

If you are receiving a message when you visit your website, ‘Your connection is not private‘, it just means that your SSL certificate has not been applied yet. You can choose to click on the Advanced button on-screen and proceed.

SSL certificates are automatically applied to both the subdomain AND your custom domain. No action is needed on your end. This is all done in the backend of DropFunnels.

To login to your site, reference this article.

Again, please wait 24 hours before reporting your issue to support.

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