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A general overview of the dashboard

The dashboard is where all the magic happens on your website. This article will provide an overview of the different areas you can navigate to when logged in.

Starting up at the top navigation bar, you have the following:

  1. The DropFunnels logo in the top left is your 'Home' button. Click on it anywhere within the admin dashboard and it will take you to the welcome screen.
  2. My Sites - clicking this will launch a list of websites and funnels you have in your account.
  3. Comments - new comments that have been posted on your website that are pending approval.
  4. Homepage Icon - this will direct you to your homepage.
  5. Quick Links Icon - provides quick access in creating a new funnel, new course, new page, new product, new blog post, setting up a payment gateway and a quick access to Knowledge Base.
  6. Account access and Log Out

The left sidebar is your main navigation and provides access to your funnels, pages, posts, templates, and settings.

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