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Cant access my old or DropFunnels website

If you have not made any changes to your domains DNS or Nameservers please contact our Support team ASAP.

Lost Access To DropFunnels

If you have made DNS or nameserver changes to the domain which you use for your DropFunnels account you may no longer be able to access your control panel.

We recommend following our DNS instructions to change your DNS settings and nameservers back to DropFunnels. Once you have done this you'll be able to change your DropFunnels account over to a subdomain before making any changes to your domain.

Lost Access To Your Old Website

If you have prematurely moved your domain name onto your Dropfunnels account (and you still need to move content over), do not worry. We recommend setting up a subdomain for your DropFunnels account, contacting your old web provider so they can provide you with the correct DNS records to add to your CloudFlare account and making the required changes.

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