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DropFunnels Maps Module Integrate Google maps using address only on your site. (Click to enlarge photo) On the business info...
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  • 271

Social Buttons

DropFunnels Social Buttons Module Allow visitors to like and tweet directly on your site with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Use...
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  • 390


DropFunnels Testimonials Module Create testimonial slider with a few clicks. Use the Testimonials module to add a basic slider with...
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  • 363

Business Hours

DropFunnels Business Hours Module Use this module to show opening hours. (Click to enlarge photo) Customize a beautiful section to...
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  • 284

Contact Form

DropFunnels Contact Form Module Create stylish forms on your site that allows visitors to get in touch with you. (Click...
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  • 637

Info Banner

DropFunnels Info Banner Module Create advert style banners on your site. Forget about old style stagnant banners. This Info Banner...
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  • 227

DropFunnels Info Box Module

DropFunnels Info Box Module Create beautiful content to showcase your products and services. Or you can even use this to...
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  • 223

Info List

DropFunnels Info List Module Display content in vertical or horizontal list formats. (Click to enlarge image)
  • 1
  • 279

Info Table

DropFunnels Info Table Module Display content or info in a table format with 6 preset design styles.
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  • 276

Price Box

DropFunnels Price Box Module List your product prices in box style options.
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  • 285
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