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What Types of Pre-Designed Page Templates Are Available?

We have the following page template types:



These pages are used to inform your customer and will normally have a call to action.


Lead Generation

Used to capture a users email address, name and other items.


Video Sales Letter

Link a Sales Page, however includes a video front and center.


Long Form Sales

In-depth sales page used to give your customer a deep dive into your product.



Checkout pages are used to take your customers order and payment details, in addition to continuing to sell to and inspire trust with your customers.



Used after the checkout to upsell items to your customers.


Thank you

Used at the end of a Checkout to provide a thank you message or receipt to your customer.



When created a course these pages are used to display your video or other lessons.


Course Index

Customize your course to include an index of all your modules and/or individual courses.


Content / Blog Pages

These pages can be used to inspire you to create content or blog pages.



Designed to display your business as an authority within your space and easing the customer into your sales pitch.


Webinar Registration

Templates to help you have users to sign-up for your webinars.


Coming Soon

Not quite there yet? Use a coming soon page to build a buzz.


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