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We have launched our BETA SMS services to customers and below is an overview of the functionality. When your account is activated we provide $10 free credit.

1.) Login to you DropFunnels Account

Simply login to your DropFunnels domain or Custom Domain by adding "/login" to the end of the URL.  

2.) Click "Settings" (1) from the DropFunnels top menu and click "SMS Settings" (2).


3.) Click "Setup SMS Account"

4.) Click The "Add Phone Number" button & Search for a Number

The add phone button will allow you to select a number from which your SMS will be sent from and also be replied to.

It is a fully functioning SMS number. We recommend you search for an area code that is local to your business.

Once you've found a number you'd like to use click "Add Phone Number"


5.) Your account is now setup and ready to use SMS

If you'd like to get an email each time a customer replies to you please select the "Notify SMS replies via email" toggle and click the "Update Settings" button.

Please see the following knowledgebase articles for usage instructions

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