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Javascript Variables

The following integration type is complicated and provided on a self support basis. We recommend that Webhooks or Zapier is used. The below information is provided for information only.

Thank You Page/After Checkout - What variables are available?

The product_details variable includes the following information:

id (This is the product ID)
product_name (Product Name)
order_amt (Total Order amount)
quantity (Amount of item ordered)
splitflag (Is the payment split)

These are held within:

The format remains the same and additional purchases are accumulated (The upsell page will list the checkout page purchases, the thank you page will list both the checkout purchase and the upsell).

The GLOBAL-SESSION-ID is a single value that returns only the order ID

It is held within:

Once a checkout has been initiated this value stays consistent across upsells and thank you pages.

The customer_details variable includes the following information:

custom_fields (Custom fields are provided as an array)

After Opt-in Submit - What variables are available?

The optin_user_details variable includes the following information:

custom_fields ( Custom fields are provided as an array )

These are held within:

Two Step Checkouts also output this information after step one is completed.

How Can I Test?

The easiest way to test is by adding:


Into Page Settings > layout CSS/Javascript.

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