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How To Upload A Video To Your Pages

Add/Edit a Video Module To Your Page

DropFunnels allows you to upload videos to the following services:

Within our video module you'll find instructions of the URL or Sharing code which you'll need to grab from the service in order to place the video onto your page.

For videos hosted via Vimeo, make sure that the privacy setting of the video should be "Hide from Vimeo Private on your account, but embeddable anywhere" as this will ensure that the video being embedded within your funnel will play as setting the privacy into Private will cause the video not to play due to that said restriction.

For videos hosted via Youtube, make sure that the link you will be using will be the embedding link and NOT the shareable link. (See examples of embedding link and shareable link below)

Embedding Link:


Shareable Link:


Take notice on the red item in the shareable link, that has to be removed for the Youtube video to play properly within your funnel.


Introducing: DropPlayer

Only available for DropFunnels Partner Program Plan

Looking to own this feature inside your DropFunnels Account? Upgrade now!

You can now get rid of all your video hosting and have this in-app video hosting within your DropFunnels account (provided you're on the DropFunnels Partner Program).

Step 1: Enable DropPlayer

On your dashboard, head over to Assets > Videos > and Enable DropPlayer

Step 2: Upload video

Select video files from your computer > wait for it to complete upload

Step 3: Select "DropPlayer" from the video module settings and you're good to go.

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