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How to set up SMS messaging with Twilio

This article will guide you through how to setup SMS service inside your DropFunnels account.


IMPORTANT: You need to have a Twilio account in order to use SMS from within DropFunnels. You also need to purchase a phone number from Twilio that cost $1 a month or port a number that you have from different telephone service providers.

If you do not already have a Twilio account, please go HERE to sign up.

After you've signed up for a Twilio account, follow the below steps to connect it to your DropFunnels account.

Step 1: Inside your DropFunnels dashboard, go to Settings > SMS Settings

Step 2: You will see a page that requires you to enter your Twilio Account SID + Auth Token:

Step 3: Follow this article from Twilio on how to get your SID + Auth Token

Step 4: Paste the SID + Auth Token inside your DropFunnels account and click "Connect".

If connection is successful with the correct SID + Auth Token keys, you will be redirected to the next page to set up your phone number.

Step 5: Go to the Settings tab > Add Phone Number


Step 6: The add phone button will allow you to select a number from which your SMS will be sent from and also be replied to.

It is a fully functioning SMS number. We recommend you search for an area code that is local to your business.

Once you've found a number you'd like to use click "Add Phone Number"

Your account is now setup and ready to use SMS.

If you'd like to get an email each time a customer replies to you please select the "Notify SMS replies via email" toggle and click the "Update Settings" button.

Please see the following knowledgebase articles for usage instructions:

SMS on Opt-In/Checkout

Sending a SMS

Replying to an SMS

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