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How To Integrate Your Autoresponder

How To Integrate Your Autoresponder

Integrating an Autoresponder is quite easy and you only need to do it once and the system will remember that settings.

Our complete list of Autoresponders can be found by clicking on the link below:


Step 1: Click Funnels (1) and Select the Funnel you'd like to work on (2)

From the DropFunnels Dashboard click funnels (1) and then select the Funnel you'd like to work on (2).

Monosnap Monosnap-Funnels-Steps-‹-DF-Triage-—-WordPress-2023-03-22-06-05-28.png (2868×1220) 2023-07-03 13-44-56
Monosnap Monosnap-Funnels-Steps-‹-DF-Triage-—-WordPress-2023-03-22-06-11-47.png (2880×1292) 2023-07-03 13-44-32

Step 2: From the Funnel Flow Tab click to edit the Funnel Step you'd like to add the autoresponder to

The funnel flow tab shows all the current funnel steps of your funnel. You can either create a new step or use an existing step.

Monosnap Funnels Steps ‹ DF Triage — WordPress 2023-07-03 13-49-55
Monosnap Funnels Steps ‹ DF Triage — WordPress 2023-07-03 13-51-34

Step 3: Edit your Opt-in Settings (or add a new Opt-in Module)

Mouse over your Opt-in Module (or add a new Opt-in Module ) and then select "Opt-in Form Settings"

Monosnap Screen Shot 2023-07-03 13-54-56

Step 4: Select the service you'd like to use

From the drop-down you'll need to select your autoresponder service, the account drop-down will also allow you to add a new account or use an existing account if you already have an account setup.

Monosnap Optin – DF Triage 2023-07-03 13-57-47

Step 5: Fill out the service details provided by your autoresponder and click connect

You'll now need to provide your autoresponder details to allow us to link to them.

Account Name

This can be any name you can easily identify (important if you have multiple accounts using the same autoresponder)


These settings are provided by your autoresponder


These settings are provided by your autoresponder

Monosnap Monosnap-Blank-–-DF-Triage-2023-03-22-04-16-22.png (321×444) 2023-07-03 14-01-41

Step 6: You'll now be presented with options applicable to your Autoresponder

You'll have options to choose such as Type, Lists, and Tags.

These are options that you'll set up so that any leads being placed into your autoresponder are set into the right section with the right tags to send out emails.

Click Save once you are done and your autoresponder is now set up, each of your leads will now send over to your autoresponder.

Monosnap Optin – DF Triage 2023-07-03 14-04-23

Learn how to quickly integrate your email autoresponder in DropFunnels by simply placing an Optin form on your page.

If you don't have an Auto-responder yet and want to build your list, we use and suggest:

Simple & Inexpensive Email System

Robust & Powerful Email System

For Klaviyo Users

If leads are not being pushed to your Klaviyo list, please remember to turn off the Double Opt-In option.

See article from Klaviyo: https://community.klaviyo.com/signup-forms-38/how-to-delete-double-opt-in-confirmation-email-2618

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