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Add New Site/Blog User

1.) Go to Users -> Add New

Click Users on the left hand menu of your Dashboard and then select Add New.


2.) Scroll to the Add New User Section and Fill Out the Details

You may need to scroll a little bit to get to the Add New User Section.

Once there you'll need to enter the username, email address and the users access level. When done hit "Add New User" and an email will be sent to setup their account.

If allowing Administration, editor or author access please ensure you fully trust the user you are adding as they will have access to your website internals.


The Following User Levels are available


Isn't used to provide any access to Dropfunnels Internals, can be used to allow user to comment on posts.


Same as above currently.


Can edit already setup funnels, courses, pages, posts, but is unable to add new one's


As above, but can also add.


All permissions accept for access to your billing account

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