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Audio Module

Using the Audio Module   Audio Module -   this module/element is used in embedding audio files into your funnel. Rather...
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Header Module

Using the Header Module Heading Module - this is used in creating a header for your page or funnel. Linking...
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Separator Module

Separator Module   Separator - A responsive spacer that allows you to create space among rows/columns, this is used to...
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Progress Bar

Progress Bar Progress Bar - let your customers be aware of the progress with the Progress Bar module in different...
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Spacer/Gap Module

Spacer/Gap Module Spacer/Gap - a responsive spacer that allows you to create space among rows/columns.     You can designate...
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Paragraph Module

Paragraph Module   Paragraph Module works almost the same way as the DF Text Editor. Paragraph module is designed for...
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Optin Form

Optin Form Module Optin Form - a form that allows you to collect lead information. When a prospect fills out...
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Button Module

Button Module Button Module- creates a Call-To-Action button. This will allow you to redirect your prospect to your calendar, to...
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Video Module

Video Module   Video Module - this is used in embedding video/s into your funnel/page. Currently, there is no option...
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Comments Module

Comments Module DF Comments: Allow users to comment directly on your site. Perfect for Courses area.  
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