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Basic Modules

Progress Bar Module

Progress Bar DropFunnels progress bar helps your leads visualize how far the are in completing a specific process, such as...

Optin Form Module – Connect Your Autoresponder

Optin Form Optin Form - a form that allows you to collect lead information. When a prospect fills out the...

Button Module

Button Module The DropFunnels Button Module is used to create a call to action (CTA) that tells a user to...

HTML Module Inside DropFunnels Editor

HTML Element Inside DropFunnels Editor In the Advanced tab, the HTML Element section allows you to assign a custom ID,...

Heading Module

How to Use Heading Module The Heading module inserts a heading into your row that is rendered with a heading...

Separator Module

Separator Module The Separator module inserts a horizontal line to separate content. General tab​ Color By default, the line is a...

Spacer/Gap Module

Spacer/Gap Module The Spacer/Gap Module lets you create a space or separate modules. General Tab Desktop: By default, the spacing...

Paragraph Module

Paragraph Module Add headings images, and make simple changes to text formatting directly in this editor. You can style your...

Comments Module

Comments Module The Comments module is in the Basic modules category, which appears only when you're editing a Singular-type Themer layout. It...

Photo Module

Photo Module The Photo module lets you insert an individual photo from your DropFunnels Media Library or a custom URL....

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