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Register For CloudFlare

DropFunnels uses advanced CloudFlare integrations to ensure your website is always running quickly.

Please note if you have existing DNS / MX records you'll need to ensure they have been moved over to CloudFlare correctly, or this could impact your email or other services. When making changes to your existing A records you will lose access to your current website.

1.) Create a free Cloudflare Account

Click here to create a Cloudflare account (if you have an existing Cloudflare account, Click Here).

2.) Select CloudFlare for Infrastructure

Click "Get Started" Within the CloudFlare For Infrastructure Box.


3.) Add your domain name

Enter your domain name and click "Add Site".


4.) Scroll Down and Select Free Plan

CloudFlare hide the free plan a little, scroll down and then click the box that says "Free $0" (1) and then Click Continue (2)


5.) Confirm your DNS records and Click Continue

This step my seem complicated, however if you are adding a complete new domain you do not need to worry about the DNS settings and can click Continue.

If you have mail and/or other services setup on your domain please review the records and then click continue.

6.) Keep this page open (Unless we are doing the changes for you)

Your CloudFlare account and domain are now set up. Keep the Name Servers Page open in a tab and please go back to Dropfunnels > Marketing > Integration > Domains.

You are ready to add your domain.

If you are using our DropFunnels Partner or Domain Change Service you do not need to keep the tab open.

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