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How to set up Custom SMTP

We now allow you to set your own Custom SMTP provider, which provides further branding for your outgoing transactional emails.

1.) Login to your DropFunnels Account

Simply login to your DropFunnels domain or Custom Domain by adding "/login" to the end of the URL.

2.) Click "Settings" (1) from the DropFunnels top menu and click "SMTP Settings" (2).



3.) Untick "Is enabled?"

This will allow you to make changes to the SMTP settings.

4.) Select the mailer you'd like to use

We currently support:

Webmail (Any normal email account)*

*You may need to check with your mail provider to see if they can support the level of mail you'll be sending


5.) Setup your mailer options

From Name
This is the address from which your email will be sent. Please note for webmail it is likely you'll need to use the same email address as your SMTP username address.

Your SMTP provider will provide your SMTP host

SMTP Connection Type
The connection type will be provided by your SMTP provider.

Your SMTP provider will let you know which port to use the most common are:
25 (no encryption)
465 (SSL)
587 (TLS)

SMTP Authentication
Under normal circumstances, this will always need to be ticked

SMTP Username
This is the username provided by your SMTP provider, if using webmail it will normally be your email address.

SMTP Password
The SMTP password for your email account or mail service may be an API key if using a none Webmail account

6.) Save your settings

Use the save button at the bottom of the settings to save.

7.) Tick "Is enabled?" and Save again

Now you have saved your settings you can enable them and lock them in place.

8.) Click "Test and Activate" (1), Enter an email address (2), and click "Send Email (3)

You are now ready to test your saved settings. Click "Test and Activate" from the left hand menu (1). Enter an email address into the box (2) and click the "Send Email" button (3). Should the test send work your external SMTP is now activated.

Should the test send fail this means your SMTP provider has not allowed the send to happen and you'll need to query this with them and obtain the correct information to place into your settings.


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