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Affiliate Program Integration with Post Affiliate Pro

Grab your Post Affiliate Pro account here.

There are many solutions out in the market that will allow you to run your own affiliate program. The DropFunnels team has vetted several of the top rated platforms in the marketplace and our #1 recommendation is Post Affiliate Pro. It’s rich with features, highly recognized by top performers running affiliate programs, and has an simple integration with DropFunnels.

Below are the steps to integrate your Post Affiliate Pro (“PAP”) account with DropFunnels.

NOTE: All other support related questions regarding the usage and setting up your affiliate program inside PAP should be directed to their knowledge base and support chat.

Step 1: If you don’t already have an account, head over to the Post Affiliate Pro website and signup for a free trial. Ensure the Post Affiliate Pro is selected.

Step 2: Once your PAP account is created, click on the Tools > Integrations in the left navigation.

In the following steps, we are going to setup both the ‘Clicks Tracking’ and ‘Sales/Leads Tracking’ into our DropFunnels account.

Step 3: Click the Clicks Tracking icon.

Step 4: Copy the provided Javascript code. This code will be placed in the body code of every target funnel that will be the target of affiliate links.

Step 5: Login to your DropFunnels account and navigate to the respective funnel that will be the target of affiliate links. Click Tracking Codes.

Step 6: Paste the Javascript code from PAP into the ‘Body code’ and click the Save button. It will look this:

Step 7: Back in your PAP dashboard, click on the Sales/Lead Tracking link (inside the Tools > Integrations).

Step 8: Scroll down to the Integration steps section and Copy the Javascript integration code. This code will be placed on your funnels order receipt/confirmation page.

Step 9: Back inside your DropFunnels dashboard, and inside the same funnel as in step 5, navigate to your order receipt/confirmation (in this example, it’s the Thank You page). Click on the Tracking Codes tab and paste the Javascript code from step 8 into the footer of your funnel flow step and click Save.

That is all the setup required on the DropFunnels side. I HIGHLY recommend going through the Getting Started startup screen inside your PAP account. This will run you through setting up your entire affiliate program.

As a reminder, DropFunnels does not handle support questions for PAP directly. If questions arise, please reach out to the PAP support or live chat available within the dashboard.

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