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Advanced Modules

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Basic Modules

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Business Modules

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Sales Modules

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Checkout Form Module

DropFunnels Checkout Form Module The checkout form allows you to sell a product or service to your customers. This module...

Progress Bar

Progress Bar DropFunnels progress bar helps your leads visualize how far the are in completing a specific process, such as...

Optin Form

Optin Form Optin Form - a form that allows you to collect lead information. When a prospect fills out the...

Button Module

Button Module The DropFunnels Button Module is used to create a call to action (CTA) that tells a user to...

Content Slider

Content Slider You might think of a content slider module as a slideshow of rows, in which each slide has...

Before After Slider

Before After Slider   Before After Slider module offers a simple and effective way to show two images in the same...

Dual Color Headings

Dual Color Headings   Dual Color Headings  - This is a flexible module that allows creating unique headings. You can...

Image Separator

Image Separator Module   Image Separator module will give you the option to have an image or icon as a separator...

How to Use Upsell/Downsell Module

How to use Upsell/Downsell Module The Upsell/Downsell module can be used on a page or post as a way to add...
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